Karen Kimmel is an artist and designer whose flair for experiential marketing, storytelling and community-building has made her an in-demand creative collaborator for brands such as Nike and Target. Karen has been Creative Director for Nike’s rm72 since 2010, where she crafts immersive brand storytelling initiatives, artist residencies and installations for Nike’s top tier entertainers, athletes and influencers.

In her artistic practice, intricate drawings form the basis for works across a wide variety of media and sculptural installation. Her organic line drawings take their inspiration from a lifelong study of nature and utilize the elegance of natural forms to extract subtle lessons about the human condition. Karen has shown her work at The Barbican Centre London, Art Institute of Chicago, The Scottsdale Museum of Fine Art, Santa Monica Museum of Art, and The Beverly Center in collaboration with the Hammer Museum.

karen kimmel studios
3201 Casitas Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90039

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