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01.31.12 says:
kool wool

As a pre-teen, did you ever try to dye your hair with Kool Aid? I did and the results were more sticky than punk rock. Despite this past experience, I’m pretty excited about this DIY by Miss Make for Kool Aid dyed yarn…

I’m also quite taken by the great step by step illustrations!

01.26.12 says:
modern living with ray eames

Ray Eames_modernist_sculpture_case study_kimmel kids_sculpture

Here’s Ray Eames with sculptures she conceived alongside Charles to go inside a room for Alexander Girard’s “An Exhibition for Modern Living” show at the Detroit Institute of the Arts in 1949. Check out the sketch for the room these modern totems were designed for, and dream of time travel with me…

Charles and Ray Eames_alexander girard_1949_an exhibition for modern living_modernism_design_kimmel kids

Although getting your hands on any Eames piece seems about as likely as time travel, you can certainly get your geometric, color-block fix on the cheap with Arctecnica’s Themis Mobile from A+R. As for me, I’ll be getting my modernist kicks, paying homage to 20th Century design’s greatest power couple, and putting my face too close to the glass at LACMA’s California Design exhibit this weekend…


01.23.12 says:

Last week I went to a party that had a belated New Year’s Eve countdown complete with confetti. I was instantly reminded that confetti is a magical thing and should be used whenever possible. You Are My Fave has a pretty rad looking DIY for Confetti Shooters–a clever repurposing of the increasingly popular push up containers.

01.18.12 says:

matchcarden_gardens_green_another studio_kimmel kids

Admittedly, I have a black thumb (cue the ‘we remember’ montage for all the dearly departed party favor succulents from our Rue Magazine shoot), but Another Studio‘s line of postcard and matchbox sized gardens make me want to give keeping green things alive another shot! Postcardens and Matchcardens come in a whole range of charming locales (the village church, a botanical garden, winter wonderland, the Hermés store), which come flatpacked as a postcard, and unfold into the perfect modern-day chia pet. As if this idea wasn’t just painfully cute enough, the makers of Matchcardens have been kind enough to provide a stop-motion video to promote the line…

[youtube width="600" height="359"][/youtube]

Postcarden_another studio_design_green_kimmel kids

I think I know what I’ll be sending my urban Valentines this year… They’re made in the UK, but you can snag your own mini gardens and super mini gardens in the US here.


01.16.12 says:
booked for the evening

[youtube width="600" height="335"][/youtube]

While checking out the wonderful blog, The Kid Should See This, I came across Sean Ohlenkamp‘s stop motion piece “The Joy of Books,” reminding me of one of my 2012 goals: read more!

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