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10.31.11 says:
happy halloween!

I made these meat heads for a little costume party I hosted Saturday night. Aren’t they a scream?

From all of us at the studio, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

10.27.11 says:
totally awesome!

We jsut found out that Kimmel kids is a finalist for Red Tricycle’s Totally Awesome Awards in the “Most Awesome Art Supplies” category! If you think we are totally awesome (or even really, really cool) be sure to VOTE for Kimmel Kids!!The contest ends Monday October, 31st, so vote today :)


10.19.11 says:
under construction (paper)

Outdated technology painstakingly recreated in day-glow construction paper? Yes please! Check out oh so many more wonderful images here.

10.14.11 says:
chew on this

This weekend we received via special delivery from Los Vegas our new family doggie!  As it turns out, Vegas has a 48 hour kill policy for pit bulls, and our dear friend Freddy grabbed our girl in just in time. Upon her arrival we have been ushered back into the universe of full on puppy-ness and have been reminded of not only how darn cute they are, but how much they love to CHEW! Here is a pick of our new gal, and in celebration of this magical time, some images from Chewed, by Arne Svenson and Ron Warren a book dedicated to the comical and somewhat sadly sweet results of pets tearing and shredding their favorite toys to bits.
chewed_dogs_dog toys_photography_arne svenson_ron warrenchewed_dogs_dog toys_photography_arne svenson_ron warrenchewed_dogs_dog toys_photography_arne svenson_ron warren
On a side note, we are deciding on what to name this sweet lady, kind of loving the name Penny. What do you guys think?

10.11.11 says:
star gazing

I just picked up the paper Splendid stars we use in our Button Workshop at Crafting Community for Splendid and when I opened up the box they were arranged in all of these adorable little bundles!

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