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08.30.11 says:
magical meltdown


It is completely unbelievable that we are just two short days away from September. SEPTEMBER! There are already Halloween stores springing up, everybody’s going back to school (including our beloved intern Leila), and pretty soon we won’t be able to wear white any more – how is that possible when it is still as hot as the dickens outside? If this was a cartoon, the sun would definitely be smiling and wearing shades, so why have my relatives started emailing me about Thanksgiving plans? Unfortunately I can’t stop time, but I can share the perfect DIY for autumn denial, found over at whatever: you knew I was going to make one. When you’re checking off your list at Staples, pick up a couple extra boxes of crayons and then show your school supplies who’s boss by lining em up, taping em in place, and melting em down with a hair dryer.  Take that, daylight savings!

08.27.11 says:
weekend watermelon round-up

I finally worked up the courrage to try a watermelon, basil and feta salad and it was so yummy–like summer in a bowl. Here’s some other adventuous things you can try with watermelon before the summer ends…

1. Watermelon on a popsicle stick. Ok, so it’s not groundbreaking, but I’m won over by anything that can potentially cut down on stickiness.

2. Food that looks like other food is up there on my list of likes, so you know I’ve gotta include these faux watermelon slices made out of jello and an alternate recipe that uses more fruit.

3. Watermelon T-Rex, ‘nuf said.

4. Watermelon sherbet–a far cry from the healthy watermelon salad that inspired this post, but boy is it visually satisfying!

08.26.11 says:
shawn smith

art_sculpture_shawn smith_pixel_peacock_animals

I was scanning through Anthology Magazine’s blog and I came across these awesome sculptures by Austin-based artist Shawn Smith. He takes blurry, pixellated animal images from the web and recreates them as life-sized sculptures using thousands of tiny wooden cubes and acrylic paint. Not only are his sculptures just all-around cool blog bait, but they raise some interesting questions about representation and the way digital images mediate our relationship to the outside world.  I definitely recommend checking out his other sculptures, but here are some more powerful pixel critters in the mean time…

art_sculpture_shawn smith_pixels_animals_fox

art_sculpture_shawn smith_pixels_animals_bird

08.26.11 says:
rock art

diy_craft_painted rocks_acrylic pens_ rocks

There might not always be an extra canvas handy, but the world is so very full of rocks! Use paint pens to draw your doodles and scribbles on rocks like Geninne did.  Find a variety of paint pens at Graffcity and rock on!

08.25.11 says:
tree of life

This beautiful print comes from Gary, Aaron and Khairul at Degree. Upon first glance this is simply a lovely image of a tree’s cross-section, but a closer look reveals…

…thousands of animals that make up the image!

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