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05.31.11 says:
driftwood fish

Hope each and every one of you had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!  I enjoyed a beautiful, and desperately needed getaway with the family at the el Capitan Canyon campgrounds,  and I am putting together a post of snaps from the mini crafting extravaganza we had over there as we speak!  In the meantime I thought I’d share a cute idea from one of our favorite DIY blogs, Made by Joel (a crafting DAD, I might add) – driftwood fish!  Even if you couldn’t stay at the beach, you can definitely take a little of the beach home with you (aside from all that sand).  More gorgeous pictures from his full post here.

05.30.11 says:
a cookbook with good taste!

If you’re a visual learner like me, you’ll love this new cookbook from IKEA, Homemade is Best, a collection of 30 traditional Swedish baking recipes shown in a completely non-traditional way.

Ingredients take center stage in this collaboration between creative agency Forsman & Bodenfors, stylist Evelina Bratell and photographer Carl Kleiner…

The background colors are a feast for the eyes as well!



05.27.11 says:
knit factor

Knit Stools by Irish designer Claire-Anne O'Brien

Is it just me, or are over-sized knits popping up absolutely EVERYWHERE in furniture design these days?  Just in time for summer, too!  It’s been making me wonder whether that assortment of uneven, tapering scarves I made during my short-lived knitting phase could find a second life as outlandish upholstery.  Here are some other fantastic, cozy creations to drool over…

'Biknit' collection by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso

Grey couch from the Phat Knits collection by Bauke Knotterus

Knit pendant from Llot Llov

Urchin Poufs by Christian Meindertsma

British Wool chair by Claire-Ann O'Brien

05.26.11 says:
jersey’s lego family

05.25.11 says:
reuseable decals from mae

Faraway Circus fabric decals by Mae, on sale for $89.95

Mostly when I think of decals, I think of my childhood headboard which, in an afternoon of boredom, I went to town on with my sticker collection. Which is to say, decals are cool for a minute (like so many fuzzy 101 Dalmatians stickers), then you’re over them, then they’re impossible to remove and you just have to deal with either their permanence or the paint they ripped off (sorry Mom!). Not fun! However, these adorable little decal suites from Mae may have just changed my mind. They’re made of reusable, washable fabric and they come in all sorts of whimsical, Marcel Dzama-esque styles—the circus set is particularly adorable. They are a perfect marriage of decor and sticker book and you’ll never have to break out the goo gone!

The Pirate Ship Set - also on sale at $89.95

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